Setting SMART Goals | March 2017

I’ll go ahead and start off by saying that I think I was jusssst a bit too optimistic when I decided to start writing weekly posts about my goals. I quickly realized that I typically have the same or at least very similar goals each week and so my posts wouldn’t vary that much week to week. Whoops! I decided it would be better to have monthly goals that I would set at the beginning of each month and then review at the end to see which goals I met.

Back when I was in college, I remember learning about SMART goal setting in a few of my business courses. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a process for effectively setting and achieving goals. SMART stands for:

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I like following SMART goal setting because it helps take a broad goal like “Exercise more” and help to make it so I can track the progress and keep myself accountable. For example:

Specific – Is my goal to just go to the gym or do I plan on taking classes, walking during lunch hour?
Measurable – How often am I planning on going to the gym? Do I plan to exercise 5 days per week?
Attainable – Am I being realistic with my goal? Is this something I can do right now or do I need to “build up” to the ultimate goal?
Relevant – Will this help get me to where I’m trying to go?
Time – When do I need to meet this goal by?

I’m looking forward to planning monthly goals for myself. For March, I have 5 goals to help improve my mind, body and finances 🙂

  • Drink 10 cups of water per day – This will be a consistent monthly goal for me! I’m always working on drinking more water throughout the day. My goal is to drink 10 cups per day.
  • Get my finances organized – I want to update passwords to all my accounts, organize my monthly charges into a file and go through all my accounts to make sure things are paid off that can be.
  • Spend less $ – I made this a goal earlier in the month and it’s been working pretty well! I took a look at my bank statement from the last few months and the amount of money I spent on take out food was horrible, and slightly embarrassing! I am making an effort to cut down on spending any unnecessary money. My goal is to eat out once a week – max!
  • Work out 10 times throughout the month – For some reason I just haven’t gotten back into the routine of working out. I really just haven’t had the motivation to get up and go. I’d like to get back into the swing of things. I love how I feel after a workout so I need to push through and get back to the gym. My goal is to work out at least 10 times this month. This includes going to the gym and doing cardio and lifting weights. I’d love to get back to Spin classes but I am planning on attending those either towards the end of the month or early April.
  • Meditate on Sundays – Every Sunday I need to carve out time to relax, especially before the start of a new week! In the past I’ve listened to a few meditation videos on YouTube that I really enjoyed so I’m looking forward to listening to those and relaxing on Sundays.

Let me know if you have tried SMART goal setting in the past and what you thought! Did it help you be successful? Also, if you have goals you’d be willing to share, I’d love to read them! Comment below 🙂


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