New Series: My Weekly Goals

Good morning & happy Monday 🙂

Following up to yesterday’s post, I’m jumping back into my blog and starting a new series!

My plan is to post my weekly goals at the start of every week and report back on how I did the previous week. My hope is that it will be motivating and help keep me accountable. If you’re looking for something to keep you motivated throughout the week – join me!


Here are my goals for the week of February 6:

  1. Drink 100 oz of water per day – so thankful my job has a water cooler close to where my desk is!

  2. Work out 3 times this week – a big reason why I think I’ve slipped up in the past is because my expectations were off. I wouldn’t go to the gym for months and then my first week back I’d want to run on the treadmill and go to the gym everyday. I was always feeling really burnt out! I want to take it slower – I want this to last.
  3. Walk at least 8,000 steps each day – Again, I want to be realistic with where I’m at right now. I am soo out of shape. I typically don’t even hit 6,000 steps/day (embarrassing but true) because the majority of my week day is at my desk so I’m hoping that by either going for a walk or to the gym after work, I can start getting this number higher! I also haven’t been doing much activity on the weekends. I’m hoping this will get me to add exercise to my plans.
  4. Make all my meals – the amount of money that I have spent on eating out is horrible! I want to make sure this week I don’t spend anything on food. Shan and I went grocery shopping yesterday and we have plenty of food to last us for the week.

I’m feeling pretty excited for a new week! If you’re making yourself goals for the week, comment below. I’d love to motivate one another!

Stephanie Marie

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