5 Easy Tips to Help Prevent Acne

5 Easy Tips to Help Prevent Acne

I was pretty lucky growing up as I really didn’t struggle much with acne. Of course I had my occasional breakouts here and there but I was pretty fortunate. Now that I’m in my twenties, I was caught off guard (to say the least) when I started experiencing acne issues more than I had when I was younger! My skin is not perfect by any means but I’ve found a few things that work well to help prevent acne.

Here are 5 easy tips to help prevent acne and get breakouts under control:

1. Drink plenty of water!

We’ve all heard it before how important drinking water is for your overall health. I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember, so I’ve learned just how important drinking enough water is to aiding with weightloss. As a result, I’m no stranger to drinking a ton every day. What I have noticed is when I’m hydrated, my skin feels healthier and stays clearer. According to LIVESTRONG, acne can develop when your body is full of toxins, so drinking plenty of water aids in flushing those toxins out of your body. I personally aim to drink about 12 cups of water a day. Some days I’m better than others 🙂IMG_9807

2. Take makeup off once you get home!

I can’t wait to take my makeup off once I’m home and in for the night! After a full day of wearing makeup, I can’t wait to let my skin breathe. Don’t let makeup sit/absorb into your skin any longer than you have to. Once you’re home for the night, use makeup remover wipes to take off your makeup. I use up & up  [Target brand] refreshing wet cleansing towelettes and I swear by them! I’ve been using them since freshman year in college and I always pick up a few whenever I’m at Target. They work so well at removing makeup and they’re reasonably priced! I keep one in my bathroom, one in my bedside table and one at my makeup table. You can never have enough!


3. Wash your face – twice!

My sister recently got a facial and was telling me how the esthetician recommended that she wash her face twice in a row each time she cleanses her face. She explained that the first wash should be with an oil-based cleanser. I did more research on this and found in a TeenVogue article, Dr. Ellen Marmur explains that, “An oil-based cleanser will dissolve sebum and remove surface impurities. The best contain botanical oils such as olive, sunflower, or jojoba, which do a good job at dissolving makeup residue without leaving skin feeling dry and tight.” She recommends Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk. I’ve been using the below products for my non oil-based washes. I like that they are all tailored to eliminating acne! Washing your face is key! I’ve definitely been guilty of coming home and being “too tired” to wash my face. I almost always end up with a breakout when I do that! Make sure you have a good moisturizer as washing your face so much can dry your skin out.


4. Use toner!

Toner has been my skin’s BFF lately! It’s now my favorite part of my skin care routine. I love how fresh my face feels afterwards! Using toner helps to eliminate anything left on your skin after using makeup remover wipes and facial wash. I love that it’s the final step to ensuring my skin is completely clear. Today Style recently posted an article on 6 reasons why you should use facial toner and one of the reasons is it helps close pores which prevents any impurities from entering the skin and potentially causing a breakout. The below toners are the 3 that I’m currently rotating between. I’ve always been a huge fan of Clean & Clear facial products and I’ve been using this toner for years. The other 2 are new and I’m liking both as well!


5. Tie your hair up

This is a simple tip but a helpful one! Tie your hair up when you can to get it away from your face. Similar to washing your face when you get home for the day, throw your hair up into a messy bun so that your hair doesn’t continue to keep touching your face. Your hair naturally builds up oil throughout the day in addition to the products you use in your hair, so it’s important to get it away from touching your skin as much as possible.


I hope you found these tips helpful! These are things I’ve been doing lately and I’m noticing they are helping me get control over my acne.

What are some things you do to prevent acne?


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