March’s Empty Products

March's Empties

I don’t know about you but I LOVE when I finish a product. My bathroom has more face wash, scrubs, body wash, etc. than I know what to do with so I love finishing products toooo … make room for more [HAHA sad but true]. I don’t have a ton of empty products for March but I have a few that I wanted to share with you.

LUSH | Cup O’ Coffee Face & Body Mask

I am OBSESSED with this face mask! It is hands down my favorite at the moment. It smells like a coffee dessert and every time I use it I wish it actually was dessert and not a mask haha!  It has fresh ground coffee that does such a great job at exfoliating the skin. The ground coffee is coarse so if you have very sensitive skin, you may find that it is too rough for you. However, I would recommend trying it since it does such a nice job! I’m bummed that I’m all out but I’ll be purchasing more soon because I just love the way my skin feels after using this! I typically use it about 2-3X per week.


JUARA Radiance Enzyme Scrub

This stuff is great! It came in a recent Birchbox and even though it’s a small sample size, I had enough to use for a few days and get a sense of the product and formula. I really like this scrub and the way my skin feels after using it. Unlike the Cup O’ Coffee mask, this exfoliator is gentle and doesn’t feel harsh when applied. If you have sensitive skin, this product would probably be a better option.


Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head Twin-Pack

I got my Clarisonic about 2 years ago for Christmas. I used it consistently for a few months and my face broke out so I ended up not using it again because I was afraid of my skin reacting so negatively to it. At the time, I didn’t realize that it’s expected for your skin to breakout when you first start using it since it’s pulling all the crap out from your pores. Makes sense, right? About 6 months ago I decided to start using my Clarisonic again and I’m so happy I did! I purchased new brush heads and now it’s my daily go-to when washing my face. These brush heads are great to deep clean my pores, and I change mine every 3 months to keep them fresh.


Clean & Clear Essentials Deep Cleaning Astringent

I’ve used Clean & Clear toners for years now and this one I like a lot because it works to help treat and prevent acne. I’ve struggled with my skin for a long time and especially over the past 2 months for some reason. I’ve been using this toner to help fight any breakouts that I’ve been having. This is a very strong toner and at times can “sting” my skin. It doesn’t get rid of all my acne but it does help improve it. It’s such a steal too for less than $5.



I hope you enjoyed this month’s empty products! Have you tried any of these? Any products you recommend that I try? I’m always up for trying new products/brands!


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