Week 3 | #Whole30

Woo hoo! I feel so accomplished to have finished 21 days of Whole30! This has been such an amazing experience – I honestly feel incredible. Each week that goes by gets better and better. My Week 2 update included pro’s & con’s of my experience thus far so check them out if you haven’t yet!

Here are a few additional things I’ve noticed as I’m nearing the end of this round, as well as what my plans are for after day 30 🙂

  • My cravings are much better.
    I feel WAY more in control of my diet and what I’m eating. I feel like I can say no to my sudden “binge” cravings and reason with why I need to wait until my next meal.
  • I’m no longer “grazing” all day.
    Having a routine of when I’m eating has helped limit my snacking. Before I started this, I would pop my head in my pantry or fridge multiple times a day. I was eating when I was bored, happy, excited, sad, mad, etc. I love that I’m not doing that anymore and now I eat at to fuel my body … not my emotions!
  • I want to make healthier decisions.
    I went to Starbucks today and was surprised that I had no interest in the sugary drink options or the baked goods in the food case I would have normally been eyeing . I wanted to get an unsweetened iced green tea – and it was delicious and refreshing! I felt guilt-free while drinking it too which was great!
  • I wish I did this sooner.
    The diet may sound pretty strict to you – it did to me at first. Honestly, it really isn’t that bad and it makes sense to cut certain foods from your diet when you’re trying to lose weight. Cutting dairy, alcohol and bread is difficult to start but then it just becomes second nature and you learn to adjust and find other yummy foods to love. PS >> Now I really love coconut milk instead of half & half in my coffee! 🙂

What’s after Whole30?
On day 31 (which is Wednesday, March 9), I’m planning to enjoy a small treat (haven’t decided what yet) and then go back to following Whole30 for the rest of the week. Then that Sunday my parents are coming up to visit my sister and I so we’re planning to go to a family dinner to enjoy a cheat/reward meal and dessert. The following day (Monday, March 7) I’m going to start a Round 2 of Whole30.

I think setting goals and rewards is beneficial as they give you something to work towards. I love carbs and sweet treats and if I say “no I’m never going to eat those things again”, I would be setting myself up for failure. Instead, I think it’s good to eat clean, workout multiple times a week and then reward your hard work once in a while with a treat you normally wouldn’t have. I want to lose weight and keep it off so I need to figure out something that will work for me where I don’t feel totally deprived. Let me know if you have any suggestions! Have you done multiple rounds of Whole30?

Thanks for reading!

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