Week 2 | #Whole30

18I’m happy to have made it through 2 weeks & honestly, it wasn’t hard at all! I can confidently say at this point, I would be OK not eating dairy, gluten, and sugar on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dairy, bread, and sweet treats, but on a regular basis I can see myself continuing to omit these foods all together, ESPECIALLY as I continue losing weight.
Take a look at a few pro’s & con’s of my Whole30 experience so far >>
  • My energy has been consistently high – minus a few occasions when I spaced my meals out too much and realized I needed to eat something to feel “back to normal”.
  • I feel full after every meal, I’m no longer asking “what’s next” after I’ve had my breakfast/lunch/dinner.
  • I am really enjoying all the different types of food/ingredients I’ve been cooking with. The Whole30 book has really great recipes, as well as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. It’s amazing how creative you can get with your meals!
  • I know exactly what I can/can not eat which makes this a very straightforward and doable diet/lifestyle.
  • Overall I feel really great. I’m happy about the foods I’m putting in my body, my workouts, and all the work & effort I’ve put in the last 2 weeks.
  • Believe it or not, the hardest part of this diet has been not being able to hop on the scale. I have had so so many urges [at least daily] to weigh myself and see how I’m doing. Weighing myself has become part of my daily routine over the last year so these past 2 weeks have been challenging.
  • There is ALOT of meal prep and dish washing that goes with Whole30. My sister and I have been meal prepping on Sundays for the last few months so we’re use to it but if you haven’t been prepping your meals ahead of time, be warned that a good amount of time is spent doing this.
If you’re considering doing Whole30, I really encourage you to check it out. Let me know if you’ve tried Whole30 before &/or are considering it!

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