Week 1 Complete!


I’m so excited that my first week of Whole30 has flown by so quickly! I was definitely a bit nervous when I started because I’ve never been so strict when dieting before. I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised at how having food groups that I can’t eat has made it really easy for me. I know exactly what I can and can’t eat which takes all the thought out of whether or not to eat something. As most of us know, losing weight is such a difficult mental battle. Anything that helps make that easier – sign me up! ūüėČ

Overall I feel awesome and I love all the food I’m eating. The first few days my energy levels were low but by day 4, I felt more energized!

Here’s a semi-detailed recap of each day [photos of a few meals I had this week are at the bottom of the post]:

Day 1 [2.8.16]
I was super excited to get started!¬†My energy levels were up and I felt fine throughout the day. It was so strange not being able to enjoy my coffee with¬†half and half. Using coconut milk as a substitute wasn’t awful, but wasn’t wonderful!¬†I didn’t mind not being able to have snacks during the day and honestly was shocked that my breakfast and lunch were able to hold me over to the next meal. However, after dinner I found myself thinking, “What’s next?!” and then quickly realizing that was it. Bit of a bummer haha so I just made myself a cup of tea to cut the craving which worked. Didn’t go to the gym because I read that you should wait the first few days as your energy levels are most likely to be low. Mine¬†definitely was by the end of D1.

Day 2 [2.9.16]
I woke up excited and looking forward to eating breakfast! Coffee tasted¬†a bit better! This day wasn’t bad for me because I was busy at work and didn’t even notice the time passing. I ate breakfast around 8:30am at my desk and that held me over till around 1:30pm when I had lunch. I definitely missed my afternoon snack that I usually eat on the ride home. I was sitting in traffic and happy I had a water bottle with me to “keep me distracted”. I was ready to eat dinner the moment I came in the door! I didn’t go to the gym today – definitely felt my energy level lower than yesterday.

Day 3 [2.10.16]
Day 3 I definitely felt my energy levels¬†the lowest. I just felt tired and not well rested. I actually started to enjoy my coffee this day.¬†I¬†ate lunch earlier than I wanted to so I was starving by 4pm. I had a Lara Bar on my way home from work which I knew would hold me over until I got home and had time to make dinner. I didn’t go to the gym today.

Day 4 – 6 [2.11-2.13.16]
Finally got back to the gym all 3 days and felt great. Day 5 I started to notice myself feeling less bloated than normal. My energy is up and I love the meals my sister and I have been cooking. Trying to keep things interesting. It’s been really nice having my sister doing this with me as we’re both supporting each other. I think the reason why the both of us¬†aren’t have a difficult first week is because we both ate pretty healthy before starting so this isn’t completely new eating to us. Thankful for that!

Day 7 [2.14.16]
Happy Valentine’s Day! ūüôā I woke up feeling well rested and ready for the day!¬†Around 1pm though I got a really bad headache and actually felt a bit nauseous … I made myself some lunch and started to feel a bit better but not completely. I’m not sure what caused it. I definitely struggled today – just felt tempted to indulge for the majority of the day. I know that the Whole30 book outlines that there will be days when people are most likely to quit so I keep that in mind. I’m just working to stay focused and not allow myself to mess up. Today was definitely the hardest so far. I took the day off from the gym – could have been part of the problem! Back to the grind tomorrow!

I’m posting pictures of my meals on my Instagram account –>> check them out here!

Thanks so much for reading my post & I will be posting week 2’s recap next Monday! Don’t forget to subscribe ūüôā Hope you have an amazing week! XO

IMG_8140IMG_8031IMG_8010 IMG_8022 IMG_8042 IMG_8056 IMG_7932

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