Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!! I hope you had an incredible New Years Eve and are looking forward to 2016! I know that I definitely am! 2015 was a pretty difficult year so I’m looking forward to shutting the door on it and opening the door to a fresh new start! 🙂

My overall goal for 2016 is to live a healthier and happier life. That spans everything from doing things that make me happier and healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc. I really just want to live a balanced life where I’m happy with myself and what I’m doing with my life. I’m referring to 2016 as “Project Me” because I’m going to be doing whatever I can this year to put myself first and to take care of improving ME! 🙂

I’m so happy I started blogging again a few months ago and I want to continue to “put myself out there” with this blog as well as on my Instagram and my YouTube channel [that I am working on developing content for and will share with you all soon! My parents bought me a beautiful camera for Christmas so I’m excited to be able to take great photos and videos with it!]

A few days ago I decided that I was going to start to share my weight loss journey on Instagram and the support I’ve already received has been so great. I’m looking forward to continuing to do this and connecting with those who are going through a similar journey. Of course I’ll still be sharing beauty posts/reviews/tutorials since I love it all so much 😉

Thank you all for reading my blog the last few months and I hope you will continue with me on this journey in 2016!


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