Christmas Vacation To-Do List | Blogmas Day 16

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Happy Blogmas day 16! Can you believe Christmas is only 9 days away?!  I’m so excited! However, I still feel like I have so much to do between now and then!

I have tomorrow, Friday and all of next week off from work so I’m super excited! 😀 I’m looking forward to sleeping in, spending time with my friends and family, getting Christmas stuff done and getting to do some things I have been procrastinating on.

I made a bucket list at the beginning of December of things I wanted to do this month. I’ve done a few but there are still some that I have left to get done! I added those and a few additional things to my vacation to-do list!

Here is my quick list of things I’m hoping to do while I have some time off:

  1. Wrap Christmas presents
  2. Reorganize bedroom closet
  3. Make list of goals for 2016
  4. Write a few blog posts
  5. Make homemade gingerbread cookies
  6. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while watching “Christmas Vacation”
  7. Go see a Christmas light display

Is there anything you are hoping to do before the end of this month?

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