24 Days of Tea | Blogmas 15

IMG_6457A few weeks ago I went on my lunch break and made a quick run to Lush to pick up a few bath bombs :). When I was leaving Lush, I came across the cutest tea shop in the Westfarms Mall! Davids Tea is a new shop that opened this year and it is the most adorable tea store. Everything was teal and they had an entire wall of loose leaf tea flavors to choose from and tons of adorable mugs and tea pots to steep your tea with.

The sales associate that helped me was so great and passionate about the company and tes which made me love it even more. I can remember leaving the store smiling – he was so nice and a really good sales person – I ended up buying something I most likely would not have if he didn’t talk me into it! I’m personally more of a coffee drinker so I wasn’t planning on buying anything – I already have a ton of tea at home that I need to drink!

The “24 Days of Tea” book is similar to an advent calendar where you open a “door” every day leading up to Christmas, beginning on December 1st and ending December 24th. This book has 24 different loose leaf teas to enjoy each day and comes with enough to make 2 cups of each flavor. It’s been fun to try the different flavors!

This is such a great gift idea too!  How cute is the packaging?!
  IMG_6458 IMG_6463 IMG_6474 IMG_6481 IMG_6482 IMG_6479IMG_6483IMG_6456

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