Homemade Christmas Cookies | Blogmas Days 12 & 13

IMG_6706Happy Sunday! Ah I am still being such a slacker with my blogmas posts! This post is my Blogmas days 12 & 13. I’ll be better this week – promise! 🙂

Saturday I spent the day baking SO many cookies with my mom.  I’m planning to give homemade cookies as Christmas gifts to my coworkers so I went home to my parent’s house to have my mom help me out! I love spending afternoons together doing stuff like this. Now that I don’t live home anymore, these memories are ones that I appreciate so much. 🙂

We made homemade chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip cookies with walnuts, chinese chews, peanut butter blossoms and anginetti cookies. SO delicious! I can’t believe how many we were able to make.

I purchased cookie tins to give to my 3 bosses and my 4 coworkers and was able to fill them all – & we still had cookies left over! So so many!

After spending what felt like an entire day cooking, we ended the day watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” which I can’t believe I’ve never seen before. What a great movie – another one to add to my list of favorite Christmas ones!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and are ready for a new week! 🙂

IMG_6636IMG_6629 IMG_6622IMG_6619IMG_6703IMG_6711IMG_6656

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