Affordable DIY Decor | Blogmas Day 9

If I had to put together a list off things that I’m good at, my artistic capabilities would not be something I’d mention. I love coming up with creative ideas, however my execution is never what I hope it would be. Haha!

I moved into my new apartment a few months ago and spent a few weeks looking for a picture to hang in my bedroom. I was having a hard time finding something affordable and pretty that went with my grey/silver/black/white color scheme. I decided to go to Michael’s Craft Store and buy materials to make my own picture. I have to be honest that I didn’t have high hopes – I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. There were a few pictures I made that came out awful but this was my favorite and I’m so happy with it! 🙂

It was relaxing to sit down with a glass of wine and just paint! I was surprised at how good it turned out for a fraction of what I would have paid if I bought something. If you’re looking for decor for you home, consider creating something yourself! The one I did was very simple with basic brush strokes but I love it and it makes me love it even more because I made it. [see pictures below to see materials]


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