#WWLG Week 1 Recap | Blogmas Day 6


Yikes – this post is extremely late!  Like 30 minutes and it’s Blogmas day #7 late! 🙂 🙂

On Monday I posted my first #WWLG (weekly weight loss goals) in an effort to help myself stay on track and challenge myself. It was a difficult week for sure. I have been in a “funk” for a while now and having a hard time getting out of it. It’s been difficult to get and stay motivated. I found myself extremely motivated last Sunday for a new week and by Tuesday my motivation was dwindling quickly – especially when I was already not meeting my goals [getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, going to the gym, etc.]

I’m questioning if because I’ve been so unmotivated and then I put together some challenging goals, if I should have possibly started out a bit smaller so that I didn’t get discouraged so quickly when I didn’t meet the goals. My #WWLG week 2 will be a bit more realistic. Especially since getting enough sleep was challenging. It’s all about moving forward and remembering every day is a new start. Just because I messed up yesterday, doesn’t mean the whole week is ruined!

Check back tomorrow AM for my #WWLG Week 2 🙂

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