Yoga | Blogmas Day 5

IMG_6186Happy Saturday! 🙂 I went to my first yoga class this morning and what an amazing way to start the day!

My friend Jamie invited my other friend Caroline and I to a class and I’m so happy we went. I’ve always wanted to go to Yoga but have been nervous because I’m not flexible and I have pretty bad scoliosis which causes me to have chronic upper back pain which I wasn’t sure if it would hurt to do the poses.

I absolutely loved it. It was pretty early this morning – Caroline picked me up at 6:55AM and we got to the studio with plenty of time to get registered and set our mats up with a few minutes for us to chit-chat before class started at 7:30AM. The class lasted an hour and 15 minutes and consisted of poses and stretches laying down [which felt great for my back] and then there were poses and stretches while standing [not as many as laying down].

This class was for all levels which I thought was great because each pose had a range of options depending on if you wanted to keep it on the simpler side or challenge yourself.

I feel great this morning. My hips are sore [but a good kind of sore!] and I have a feeling that I’ll be sore all over tomorrow. I feel relaxed and energized for the day. My back feels better than it did when I first went into the class so I’m thinking that taking yoga might be something I want to consider doing regularly to help with my back muscles. Not only did I love the way I felt physically, but mentally as well. I loved focusing on the relaxing music playing, the sound of my breathing, focusing on nothing but being in that moment. I haven’t felt that way in a really long time. How sad is that, not feeling “completely present” in a moment. I think that is a common problem for many of us. Worrying/thinking/planning about a million things a day.

Overall, great first experience! I definitely recommend trying yoga if you’ve been thinking about it like I was. Of course like any class, your experience may vary depending on the instructor so see if a friend can recommend a good one or check out reviews online. Thank you Jamie for having me as a guest this morning! Loved it!

Have you taken a yoga class before? If so, what were your thoughts? Any tips/advice for newbies like me?

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