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Office Inspiration 1. | HGTV Table Lamp 2. | Kate Spade Clock 3. | Sugar Paper Wall Calendar 4. |  Starbucks Cuff Mug
5. | Kate Spade Business Card Holder 6. | Sugar Paper Planner 7. | Kate Spade Folders 8. | Staples Letter Tray 
9. |
Kate Spade Stapler 10. | Paper Source Desk Calendar

One of my favorite things about working in an office is having a cubicle. I love having personal workspace to make my own. If you’re like me and you work full time, we’re spending 40+ hours at the office, so it’s important to make sure we have a space that allows us to be inspired and productive. We’re spending so much time there – we should love it!

I work in a corporate office so I need to be mindful of the items I’m decorating with to make sure they fit in with the culture. If you work in an company such as an advertising agency, your decor may be very different. The items above will look great together to give your desk a classy and professional look.

Thanks so much for stopping by! What is your desk decor like?

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