Challenge Accepted

I’ve started more “diets” than I could ever attempt to count. It’s actually pretty bad – I tend to never stick to any and the times I actually have, I’ve never lost more than 10 pounds before putting it all back on.

I’m an emotional binge eater. I find myself turning to food for comfort regardless if I’m happy, sad, excited, anxious … whatever I’m feeling, food is my go-to for comfort. As much as I want to lose weight and be healthy, I have occassional moments when my goals go right out the window and I stuff my face with comfort food (i.e. anything absolutely terrible for you).

I’ve acknowledge this issue and instead of dwelling on it, I’m making it a priority to overcome it. I’ve set a few personal goals that I will share in blog posts to come.

2 days ago, I started a weight loss challenge with my mom and sister (Shannon). The 3 of us are going to be tracking our weight from October 5, 2015 to March 7, 2016. Every month we’re going to determine who lost the most amount of weight during the prior month and then the 2 losers for that month have to give the winner a gift card or trip to the nail salon for a mani-pedi. Hopefully these monthly prizes will keep us all motivated – especially as the holidays are quickly approaching!

The person who loses the most amount of weight between now and March 2016 is going to get $2o0 that my dad offered as an additional incentive. My mom, Shannon and I are planning a vacation for March as well. HUGE motivation to lose weight. I’m excited the 3 of us are doing it together. Nothing like a little fun-family-competiton 😉

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more posts about the challenge and my progress!


Stephanie Marie

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